The Anchor Tag Unleashed- Part 1


First, I've always wanted to write a post with this title. I know most developers and content editors don't even give HTML a second thought, but it's a very powerful structural mark-up language that is the basis for all usability, accessibility, and SEO on the web. I think about 95% of all SEO, accessibility, usability, and web standards compliance comes from good HTML. And where else should we start talking about good HTML than with the anchor tag.

Inaccessible Flash Browser Back Button Alert

A friend showed me the new today.

Accessible Video

Video Screenshot

Most people give up on accessibility when they want to post video on their website.

Groove Interactive Launch


I'm eager to announce the launch of Groove Interactive.

Content is King

Monsters, Inc.

I remember watching a DVD feature of the making of Pixar's 'Monster's Inc.' Academy Award nominated director Pete Docter was talking about their creative development process for the movie. He emphasized how at Pixar, "Story is King."